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Official • Official Chia Network Website • Chia Network Blog • Github Development • Chia's Green Paper • Chialisp, CLVM and the conditions language • Trello Chia Blockchain Board • Keybase Encrypted Chat • Chia Blockchain GUI Translation

Social • Twitter • Facebook • Instagram • Medium Blog • Reddit

Block Explorers & Stats • Chia Explorer • Chia's blockchain status at a glance • Chia Netspace and historic data of size over time

Guides & Info • News and general discussion about the Chia Network
chia-cryptocurrency-farming-guide • Chia Cryptocurrency Farming Guide
chia-blockchain/wiki • Chia Blockchain Wiki • Gene Hoffman Youtube Channel • Caleb Chia Videos Playlist • Chia Power - Estimate of total energy consumption in the Chia network • Chia Forum - Chia Coin Forum $XCH Crypto • Chia Links - Chia Cryptocurrency Resources

Projects • How much can I earn farming Chia? • Chia Plot Plan Calculator • Plotman Chia Plotting Manager • Chia-Tractor Sometimes you need to go digging in plotting logs • Chia Dog Monitor your farm and recover from downtime in a timely manner • Chia Plot, Drive Manager & Coin Monitor • Goplot is a manager for chia farms written in bash • PSChia Powershell module for communicating with Chia Coin RPC • Plotting manager similar to Plotman but not Python based • Chia Dashboard easy remote chia farm monitoring • Ploto A simple Chia plotting manager for Windows PowerShell • Chiabot Discord Bot that monitors chia farms and notifies users • Prometheus exporter for several chia node statistics • Graphs the activity of a chia harvester in a linux terminal

Plotting Services • Secure and efficient plotting services from Australia • Easy Chia Plot generation service from Netherlands • Chia Plot Cloud services from Germany • Chia Plotting at High Speed from Canada • Chiafactory Create Chia plots on demand • PlotsFormation ensures the creation of plots in the cloud

Faucets • The official faucet from the Chia team • Claim some XCH daily through the faucet • Claim XCH every 24 hours in Chia Garden's discord server • Claim free XCH once per day from AZPool • A Chia faucet that can be used every 6 hours • Claim a small amount of XCH daily • Faucet Claim XCH every 12 hours • Bot that can be used once every 24 hours

Exchanges • BiBox - XCH/USDT China based exchange • BiKi - XCH/USDT Singapore based exchange • BKEx - XCH/USDT British Virgin Islands based exchange • Coinbase (tracker only) US based exchange • Dcoin - XCH/USDT Switzerland based exchange • DigiFinex - XCH/USDT China based exchange • - XCH/USDT (IOU) Cayman Islands based exchange • MXC - XCH/USDT (IOU) Singapore based exchange • OKEx - XCH/USDT Seychelles based exchange • WhaleEx - XCH/USDT Decentralized exchange • XT - XCH/USDT Seychelles based exchange

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